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The GhCCI has been established along the lines the Telecommunications Chamber, Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Mines, etc. It is envisaged that the GhCCI will finally and collectively drive the CIDA Project.


It is also expected that the Chamber and its Members will assist in the development of the curricula for Technical and Vocational Training based on the skills and competency gaps identified within the various value chain actors in the construction industry. Already the Ghana Institution of Architects, a key member of the Chamber, will lead this exercise with the Artisans Association of Ghana.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a single National Voice by offering a Strong Effective Leadership in making Representations to Government and other Industry Regulators.


VISION STATEMENT: To provide a home for Built Environment Operators


ADVOCACY: To serve as a medium for continuous dialogue among the various stakeholders (respective Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies, State Bodies that regulate various aspects of the Construction Industry/Built Environment, Private Sector Associations and Professional Bodies in the Construction Industry /Built Environment, other Private Sector Associations, Traditional Authorities, Parliament, CSOs, Media and others) and to advocate policies, policy reforms, and amendments as well as their implementation so as to ensure it leads to the creation of a conducive business enabling environment (based on empirical data from research et al)

CHAMPION THE CREATION OF A REGULATORY BODY: Facilitate the establishment of Construction Industry Development Authority as a state regulatory body in Ghana and collaborate with that body.

NETWORKING: Provide an avenue for networking among the various Members and Stakeholders including learning and sharing of experiences, business information, and innovative ideas among others.

CAPACITY BUILDING: Enhance the activities of Members of the Chamber through the development of curricula for the provision of capacity-building programmes based on needs assessment of members, support for best practices and efficient application of resources.


  1. Enhance business opportunities and market access for business growth and development.
  2. Promote Matchmaking/Partnerships to create opportunities for subcontracting, technology transfer etc.


  1. Undertake research activities, collect, collate and disseminate Industry related statistics and information to Members.
  2. Create a database on all members of the Chamber to monitor and evaluate their activities and performance.

To do all such things as may be considered desirable for, incidental to or conducive to the promotion of the Construction Industry in Ghana.